About His Hands Church

His Hands Church

His Hands Church in Woodstock, Georgia, shares God’s word in unique ways, such as having professional comedian and Christian author, Kenn Kington, speak on a regular basis. People who arrive early to His Hands Church services often grab a seat  and savor a beverage in the large coffee shop, Blue Light Coffee, which is adjacent to the lobby.  Focused on creating a relaxed atmosphere for everyone who visits, His Hands Church even has free coffee for everyone who walks through the door on Sunday mornings.

Non-traditional in its approach, His Hands Church remains scriptural in its beliefs. God is taught as all-powerful and all-knowing, the creator of the universe. He knows everything about everyone, good and bad, and loves every individual more than anyone can imagine. Church members believe God inspired men to write the Bible, and He strengthens believers by giving them amazing gifts. The services at His Hands Church do not feature the recitation of Christian-exclusive language, and church leaders avoid formulating religious, man-made rules required for fitting in, such as a dress code.

His Hands Church offers groups, classes, and programs for a variety of ages and interests, including Bible study. Healthy Living for Women facilitates discussions on fitness, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and recipes, and the Business Networking Group assists members in finding clients, jobs, and employees while honoring God. Freedom from Addiction presents a 12-step, Jesus-centered recovery program. Other get-togethers target men, married couples, art lovers, motorcyclists, and marathon runners.

Supporters of His Hands Church donate both time and money to make a positive impact on the community. Individuals who attend the Party on Sunday give at the back of the big room, where they fill envelopes with contributions and deposit them in a slot. The church does not pass a plate or pressure people to give, but instead asks people to give generously as they feel led.


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